About Us

The core of our homeĀ is the wonderful people that make up our caregiver team. Every member of our staff was selected because they love what they do — giving back to aging adults. At Redwood Hill, our people are our greatest asset.

Nerio A. Bides, RN, BSN:

Owner and Resident Care Manager, was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. He has 20 plus professional experience in Acute Care, Home Care, Hospice, and Dementia/Alzheimers. He has spent the past 15 years providing long term care in the community, developing a love for the elderly and their unique needs. He is a Washington State Certified as a Dementia Specialty Manager. Nerio’s approach to elderly care is centered on kindness, patience, laughter, and respecting the whole person with their many facets. He works well with doctors and puts a high priority on communication with medical support as well as family members.

Mary R. Bides:

Administrator, has a BS in Business Administration from University of Washington. With more than 10 years experience in Accounting and Customer Service, Mary offers a great blend of attention to detail, operations and service experience. Her attention to detail lends itself to this highly regulated business. Her service experience has kept her in touch with her natural strengths of helping people and solving problems. Mary is responsible for the business development of Redwood Hill. She has also completed the training as a Certified Nurse Assistant in order to provided backup care.

Penny A. Garrett:

A CNA with Nurse Delegation and Diabetes Training, works full time and assist with all levels of care. She provides personal assistance, medication and helps with meal preparations for residents. She overseas the house is kept in a fashion consistent to a health care facility. She has a caregiver’s heart, sees her job as a ministry to elders as well. She keeps our residents needs first priority and is willing to be interrupted in her routine to assist them. She is a valuable addition to our team assisting the Bides’ with whatever needs to be done and helps assuring their work load is sustainable.

Lily De Vera:

This is Mary’s mom and although not a technical staff person she is invaluable in her help to Nerio and Mary. She is a great cook and helps often in making meals, having an extra flare by adding her touches from table decorations to her flavorful ingredients she has become a favorite guest to our home.